About the Band


The band DEMOLUTION has its roots in 70’s and 80’s cover rock. The local Charlotte, NC band Vision was formed by Rick Wagoner and Chip Rogers in the year 1976 and played gigs until late 1984. Reborn as DEMOLUTION in 2008, Rick and Chip are collaborating on a second CD, DEMOLUTIONIZER.

Soon to become a live act, the first gigs are tentatively scheduled for mid to late 2009. Rick and Chip want to expand the original music from strictly instrumental to a blend of instrumental tunes and songs with lyrics for the live shows, reviving some of the old Vision originals, and adding new tunes.



Liner Notes

Demolution is Negative Evolution, the natural decay of evolving systems.

Demolution is The demonstration of evolution, i.e. the scientific pursuit of the proof of evolution

Demolution is The Evolution of the Demo.

Demolution is Rick Wagoner: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Electric Bass Guitar , Drum Synthesizer. Chip Rogers: Keyboards, Vocals.

Rick Wagoner would like to thank:

Colette "Koko" Wagoner: for her patience and support (Just do it if you're going to!)

Daddy Wags: For his ongoing support (Finish Something, Damn it!)

Stan Jacques: For teaching with limitless patience things I never thought I'd need to know (and which I didn't pay enough attention to)

Chip Rogers: For believing in me when no one else did (blood brother to the end)

'Uncle' Dick Wellman, who taught me that music is most magical when it is done just for the sake of expressive creation (or just for the hell of it!)